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Custom Crystal Tree with Amethyst Crystal Base

Custom Crystal Tree with Amethyst Crystal Base

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Amethyst Crystal Base

This listing is for a Custom Crystal Tree with an amethyst cluster crystal base! This item makes a perfect addition to any home or workspace and can be a unique gift to a crystal and nature lover!

Each crystal tree is handmade to order with your choice of crystal "leaves", amethyst crystal base, and tarnish resistant natural copper, silver plated copper, champagne gold plated copper, or black colored copper wire. The wires are formed into a tree shape and wrapped around an amethyst crystal base with tumbled crystals attached to the wire as the "leaves".

A crystal meaning card is included with each crystal tree for the crystals included.

The photos in this listing are examples of previously made crystal trees to give you a visual of the style.

Crystal Base

There are various small to medium sized amethyst cluster crystal bases. The base selected determines the size of crystal tree. A small size is generally 5-6 inches in height and medium is generally 6-7 inches in height. You can select the specific amethyst crystal base.

Selecting Multiple Crystal Leaves

You can select multiple crystals for your crystal tree.

Small: includes 10-12 crystal leaves per tree. You can select a max of 12 different crystal types.

Medium: includes 12-14 crystal leaves per tree. You can select a max of 14 different crystal types.

By default, there will be an equal amount of each crystal and they will be placed evenly throughout the tree. If you have any specific preferences, please let me know in the special instructions box. 

Example: Number of each crystal if you don't want equal amount, crystals grouped together rather than evenly dispersed, placement of crystals, etc.

Wire Color

Black - tarnish resistant back coated copper wire
Copper - tarnish resistantnatural copper wire
Gold - tarnish resistant gold plated copper wire
Silver - tarnish resistant silver plated copper wire

You can select a max of 2 wire colors wrapped together on 1 tree.

Processing Time

Please allow about 1 to 2 weeks to process your order before it ships.


Feel free to contact me if you need help selecting your options or if you have any questions!

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